Middle School Basketball Tryouts 2018

See Attachments below for flyers and contact information

Updated Tuesday February 13, 2018 by TYBL Board.

TYBL/MSB Middle School Basketball Tryouts have begun at some schools. Please see the list below as well as the attached tryout flyers for each school to determine date, time, Coach and location for tryouts. Have your child bring a signed copy of the "MSB Tryout Waiver 2018" form below to tryouts.  

As we get more schools and info, we will update the website.  Once your child has made the team, please go to our home page, click on the blue "click here to register online" button and complete the registration including paying the $145 fee by February 20 or your child may be dropped from the team. Thank you!!

The following teams are pending dates:  Margarita 6, 7, 8 boys and girls.    Warm Springs 6,7,8 boys and girls.  David Brown boys and Girls.  Tera Cota 6 boys.  Canyon Lake boys and girls.   Any 6 or 7 grade girls at Margarita, Warm Springs, McIlhenny, or Shivela please contact the coaches or email us if you would like to play if you missed a tryout.  We are trying to fill those teams.  If your child is home schooled, charter school or private school without a team, please see the link below for the Independent Team interest list.  We have a 6th grade boys team starting and interest in an 8th grade boys team if we get enough players.







Bella Vista Tryouts 2018.pdf
Certificate of Insurance.pdf
Day Girls Tryouts.pdf
Gardner Grizzlies Tryouts.pdf
Home-Charter-Private Schools Tryouts Flyer.pdf
James Day BOYS Tryouts.pdf
McIlhenny 2018 tryouts.pdf
Menifee Valley Middle School Boys Basketball Info.pdf
MSB 2018 tryout Waiver.pdf
MSB Teams 2018.pdf
Shivela 7&8 boys.pdf
Shivela Boys 6th Grade.pdf
Shivela Girls Tryouts.pdf
Temecula Middle Tryouts.pdf
Vail Ranch Bulldogs MSB TRYOUT.pdf
Warm Springs Tryouts 2018.pdf