MSB 2018 Championship and Elite Game

Updated Friday May 18, 2018 by Board.


Hello Middle School Basketball Family, 
Congratulations to all our teams in the championships this Saturday and to all our Middle School Elite players and coaches. 
A Special Thanks to Derrick O’Neal and Prospects On Deck (POD). for sponsoring our Elite Teams.
We will have games this Saturday May 19 at Great Oak High School according to the following schedule:
Great Oak High School
May 19, 2018 9:00 AM 6 Boys Finals
  10:15 AM 6 Boys Elite
  11:00 JV Girls Finals
  12:15 PM 6 & 7 Girls Elite
  1:00 PM 7 boys Finals
  2:15 PM 7 boys Elite
  3:00 PM V girls Finals
  4:15 8 girls Elite
  5:00 8 boys Finals
  6:00/6:30? 8 boys Elite
Players must wear their team jersey for Elite Games. North will wear away side, South will wear home side. Please have your player arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in so we can re-arrange teams if needed.
We expect to have two 15 minute halves (as time permits) and some three point and skills competitions as well.
I will have hot dogs and popcorn starting at 11… to all Middle School players in uniform and to all coaches!!
Attached is the list of players selected to this year’s Elite teams.  We reserve the right to replace / add players as the MSB board needs.  As in the past, we are bound to miss very good players….this is simply a recognition of character, talent, sportsmanship and teamwork.  We hope everyone had a great season, and to those moving on to high school good luck and to everyone else we hope to see you next year!
Thanks, Dan
<2018 MSB Elite Teams.pdf>


2018 MSB Elite Teams.pdf